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20kW Windmill 100ft Valmont Tower Owner/Mar Costenbader Location/Palmerton, PA
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Click Image to View SLIDESHOW #2 Tower Erected June 11, 2011

Odyssey Land Development Group - Windmill Installation - 2011

Slideshow — POSTED June 14, 2011 131 Pictures
Finished last 60ft Section of Valmont Tower Finished Windmill Modifications Attached Windmill to Valmont Tower
Worked on the Electrical Safe Guard Program On Saturday June 11 from 10:00am - 3:00pm. The Crane lifted the tower & windmill
into place. We met our deadline of Spring of 2011. Our Elecrical Engineer Nick Phillips is finishing the safeguard program.

20kW Windmill Installation - Palmerton, PA
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Click Image to View SLIDESHOW #1 Summer 2010 - Spring 2011

Odyssey Land Development Group - Windmill  Installation - 2010

Slideshow — POSTED March 08, 2011 240 Pictures
Foundation Dig & Pour Erecting 1st 40ft Section of Valmont Tower Working on Windmill Modifications
Hanging SMAs & Electrical Work We plan on finishing the final modification & lifting the tower into place by Spring 2011

20kW Windmill Installation - Palmerton, PA

Saturday June 11, 2011 - We finally finished all of the revisions and improvements on our 20kW Wind Turbine. At 10:00am, after the rain stopped we had our crew ready to finish the erection of our 20kW Turbine. The 150ft Crane from
SMF Fabricators was fired up and ready to go. All of our crew did an excellent job and we finished the entire job by 3:00pm.

The 2nd Slideshow of Odyssey's 20kW Turbine is finished with an additional 131 pictures
The 1st Slideshow has 240 pictures slideshow already on the Photo Gallery page from last summer. Last year's pictures are the foundation build, the SMA wiring and the start of the Valmont 100ft Tower. We were hoping to finsih the entire Wind Turbine by Spring. We are not far behind our expected finish date.

We are finishing the Electrical Box Program this week (June 13, 2011). Our Electrical Engineer, Nick Phillips, has developed a very extensive safe guard program for our windmill. He has some more testing to complete, now that the Windmill is mounted on the tower.

Mar, Nick & George at the Electrical Boxes
Mar, Nick & George Checking out the Electrical Box Wiring.
Mar (Retired PPL Worker) Nick (Electrical Engineer) George (CEO & Senior Project Designer)

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