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ODYSSEY LAND DEVELOPMENT GROUP, LLC. is a distributor for the product line carried by Ohio Green Wind (OGW) Energy Resources.

OGW Energy Resources carries the finest commercial grade Renewable Energy solutions available. OGW promotes; Power Inverters, Solar & Wind Power Products, Fuel Cell Technology, Generators, Geothermal, and Lighting Solutions.


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ODYSSEY LAND DEVELOPMENT GROUP, LLC. is a consultant with SoleVento, which is a distributor for Odyssey

February of 2010
Odyssey Land Development Group, LLC
has become a consultant with SoleVento, LLC. SoleVento works with individuals, businesses and government agencies to plan, develop, design and integrate commercial and utility scale renewable energy and efficiency installations. They offer a wide range of renewable energy products and services that they use as components for specialized integration of renewable energy. From designing and installing renewable energy systems, to assessing and executing building efficiency upgrades, their ability to both educate and execute provides their clients a distinct value.

solventollc.com - Click Text to Learn More About SoleVento

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ODYSSEY LAND DEVELOPMENT GROUP, LLC. is a distributor for the TechnoSpin Wind Turbines. Green and Cost-Effective energy for powering both Residential and Commercial Use.

TECHNOSPIN Small Wind Power Systems offer a remarkable reduction in utility bills to individuals and businesses, while operating as a standalone or in combination with the electricity grid. Furthermore, small wind power systems offer cost effective powering solutions to remote, off-grid locations. Click Here >> Odyssey Listed on TechnoSpin's Partners Page.


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ODYSSEY LAND DEVELOPMENT GROUP, LLC. recommends the Valmont Tower to replace the Monopole. We have specifically designed these towers to support Systems from the 1K up to the 50K System. These towers are designed specifically to withstand the vibration from the wind turbines. They are more structurally sound and less likely to have catastrophic failure than the monopole.

Making the World a safer, better place.
Valmont's broad array of steel, aluminum and composite poles, specialty structures and towers are standing tall . . . bringing light and order to new and existing markets. Valmont's engineered support structures are designed to meet the diverse needs of our customers -- from area and residential needs, to roadway and traffic structures, to wireless communication towers and components.


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ODYSSEY LAND DEVELOPMENT GROUP, LLC. is a distributor for the Variable Wind Solutions. Variable Wind Solutions’ patent-pending Voltage Regulation Solution (VRS) represents a breakthrough in high-efficiency, cost-effective voltage regulation and stabilization for wind turbines.

Variable Wind Solutions develops innovative solutions that enhance the performance and efficiency of wind turbines in low and variable-speed winds, while also reducing their cost and complexity. The VRS solution is unique in that it allows the shaft to rotate at whatever speed the wind blows and still provide stable voltage output, thus taking advantage of all the wind has to offer.


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