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July 12, 2011 - Jumpstart Program Information
April 8, 2011 Update - Budget Restored
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Notification of Ben Franklin Grant Approval 

George Acerra, CEO, Odyssey Land Development Group, LLC

Dear George:

This is a formal notification that you are the recipient of funding for your proposal entitled “Photo-Reactor for Growing Algae from Municipal Waste Water for CO2 Capture,” where Odyssey is partnering with Lehigh University ERC and the Lehigh County Authority. The funding is in the amount of $34,851, and Odyssey is one of five funding recipients. The funding was approved by both Ben Franklin Technology Partners and the Department of Energy (DOE). The funding originated from the DOE.

By now, you have received a contract from Laura Lawrence here in our office. Once you execute the contract, you then can begin our process of drawing down the funding.

Congratulations on being one of our funding recipients!


Sincerely yours,

Bob Thomson
Ben Franklin Technology Partners
125 Goodman Drive
Bethlehem, PA 18015
Telephone: (610) 758-5262
Fax: (610) 861-5918

Logo & Link to Ben Franklin Technology Partners Website

E-Mail: rthomson@nep.benfranklin.org

Website: http://benfranklin.org

Dr Harun Bilirgen (Lehigh University Project Manager & George Acerra Odyssey CEO Project Proposer

Updated April 8, 2011
Note: As of April 8, 2011 Bob Thomson also let us know the following about the Grant Budget; "Bottom line, the original budget was restored (in other words, the add-back of the $8,000), and an additional $3,000 has been provided". The Project is progressing and we have the Proptotype set up at the Lehigh Valley Waste Treatment Facility. We are pleased with the testing & numbers that our Project personnel have been accumulating from the Prototype.
Original budget restored, total allocation for Odyssey's Grant is $45,851.

Updated July 12, 2011
Note: As of July 12, 2011, Bob Thomson has helped Odyssey get into the Jump Start Program. This program is designed to help Odyssey Land Development Group, LLC & other Small Businesses accelerate their growth.
Jump Start Program - Ben Franklin Technology Partners


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